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How often should carpets be professionally cleaned? – Dan Dan Restoration
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How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?

You might not even think about how dirty your carpet actually is until you get a shock when you’re moving your furniture. Carpets get dirty so much more quickly than anything else in the house, especially with how often we walk on them. How often do you really need to get them professionally cleaned though?

How Often Should Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned?

In general, the answer is every 12 months. This is the option that works for most people, but if you have a lot of pets or young children, you might think about getting it cleaned every 4-6 months. It depends on your lifestyle and on your personal preferences too, and what you do to take care of your carpeting on a regular basis.

Think about vacuuming

You should try to vacuum twice a week anyway, but let’s face it: life is busy. You might not get around to it, although in heavy-traffic areas, vacuuming is never a bad idea. This is because vacuuming will allow you to remove loose particles on your carpeting before they become embedded. If you vacuum more often, you’ll be able to go longer in between cleanings.

Your lifestyle

There are a few factors that generally mean you should try and get your carpet professionally cleaned a little more often. This includes having young children or having people in the house that have allergies. Especially if you have multiple pets, you’ll want to get your carpet cleaned to lift up all that pet hair too.

Foot traffic

If you wear shoes in the house, or you have just a lot of foot traffic in certain areas, you may want to think about getting your carpet professionally cleaned more often. This will keep even these busier areas looking great for a long time.

Carpet warranties

Some carpets come with a warranty, so check your warranty. If you want to keep your carpeting looking great, and within warranty, most companies require that you clean them about once a year.

Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet may not look dirty—most of us don’t even realize that our carpeting is dirty until we move an old piece of furniture. But even if it doesn’t look dirty, it takes time for the dirt to really become visible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to restore your carpeting to its original coloring and texture.

Think about getting a professional cleaning for the appearance of your home then. Especially if you ever might want to move, keeping your carpeting in good shape will make it more appealing. Cleaning regularly will also ensure that the carpeting is more durable and will last for longer, meaning that you’ll save money on a completely new carpet in the long run.


Hiring professionals for carpet cleaning in Kissimmee is a great idea if you’d like to keep your home looking great for years to come. All it takes is one phone call and you can hire someone to get your carpet looking just as good as it did when you first set all your furniture down.


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