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Orlando is NO Stranger to Water Damage – Dan Dan Restoration
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Orlando is NO Stranger to Water Damage

If you’re in Orlando, you’re in an environment that invites and nurtures humidity, molds, and other unhealthy microbial activity.
If you have a home or building that suffers a water damage loss, then it is always important to have it professionally dried and restored. This is even more important in high-humidity environments like Florida since molds and other microbes are standing by waiting to enter and flourish in any building, and anything, not made and kept dry enough.
Orlando properties are subject to more moisture than almost any other state in the country, leading to excessive water damage that can cripple your health and/or finances.

Have You Experienced Flooding?

Do you have a water damage story? Chances are, you or someone you know has experience a water intrusion of some kind. Flood and water damage can often feel “fixed” when there is no water on the floors or visible. We at Dan Dan restoration of Orlando know that walls, crevasses, ceilings, and all places must be made dry, usually by a professional, in order for the building to be made safe from the festering of mold and decay that grow like cancer if allowed to. Proper drying can prevent future growth of microorganisms; however, it takes immediate steps after a water intrusion to ensure pollutants haven’t entered or been spread in the building. This is the “Remediation” component that your water damage expert service offers you.
When a fire hits, everyone knows to act immediately for the sake of  health. When water damage hits, people can seem more casual about fixing the issue beyond just extracting the water.  However, like before mentioned, water in a home or building can carry or cause fungi and disease-spreading bacteria.

Dan Dan Restoration to the Rescue!

The good news is—there are good-willed companies out there who can help. If you have water damage you should call a professional like Dan Dan Restoration of Orlando right away.
How important is a clean, water-damage free environment for your health and well-being?
Research has shown the degree to which clean living/working spaces impact cancer rates and overall health, and research also shows how much a clean space will improve a business’s productivity and sales.
So, it would make sense that homeowners, business owners and commercial property owners would be doing everything in their power to hire the right professional to handle complex issues like water mitigation, structure drying, remediation and restoration. Don’t know what those all entail to the ninth degree?  That’s why one should call a trusted expert when water damage and water intrusion occurs.

Water Damage is a Big Deal…

Companies like Dan Dan Restoration are working in Orlando to give outstanding customer service to people in need of help with water damage mitigation, structure drying, remediation, and restoration.
In fact, there’s an entire organization dedicated to the creation and training of general accountability principles and industry standards when it comes to water mitigation, structure drying, remediation and restoration: the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
The nitty-gritty can get quite dense, so we’ll get right to the point. This is why companies like Dan Dan Restoration in Orlando, Florida are so important. When water damage of any kind hits, many people think that it’s time to get out the mop and bucket and wet-vac, or have a carpet cleaner just extract the standing water, then leave. But this is far from the truth. You need a company of talented experts like Dan Dan Restoration to intervene right at the source of the problem—potentially saving  owners and occupants from dire health risks, and perhaps thousands upon thousands of dollars of remediation at a later date, and/or even potential lawsuits.
There’s a book of terminology dedicated to establishing procedures regarding cleaning, inspection and restoration. But in layman’s terms, think of water damage like different kinds of attacks that moisture and flooding can cause on your home or business.

The Good (Sort Of), the Bad, and the Ugly of Water source in water Damage cases:

We live in a time and place where many of our lifestyle comforts and luxuries can turn on us when they’re broken.  These items include washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, bides (booty-washers), toilets, and ice makers. Determining the potential hazards of the intruding water is one of the many responsibilities of the water damage professional.

Here are the classifications of water in a water damage scenario.

Clean water:
Water that comes from a sanitary source is known as clean water.
Greywater is gently used water from bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines. Greywater may contain traces of dirt, food, grease, hair, and certain household cleaning product.
Blackwater is the mixture of urine, feces, and flushwater including water used for anal cleansing, along with toilet paper products. Blackwater contains pathogens of feces and the components that make up urine that are diluted in the flushwater.

Sound like a biological horror? You’re right, it is!

When a leak, flood, or water intrusion occurs, call the professionals at Dan Dan Restoration of Orlando—and they will swoop in, diagnose the level of water damage and the source, and then correct the situation before it turns into an even larger problem.
Beyond all the types of water in a water damage scene that can wreak havoc on your personal space, there are also classes of water damage—outlining quantity, how long the water itself has brooded about in your personal space, and how much overwhelming dehumidification will be required to remove and evaporate the water from the environment and structure.

Classes of Water Damage:

Small floods and leaks—which still require professional help—will carry the least amount of water with them, and evaporate rather quickly with the right kind of expert attention and care. These kinds of floods and leaks are considered Class 1.
Class 2 ups the ante: large amounts of water, and contamination of carpets, cushions and base of walls are all common signs. If left untreated, these kinds of problems will make your personal space uninhabitable.
Class 3 is reserved for leaks, floods and excessive water damage that affects ceilings, walls, insulation and flooring. If this happens to you, you will likely have to leave these areas alone entirely until professionals can remediate and correct the level of disaster that has literally rained upon you.
And, Class 4 is its own nasty animal. This is when hardwood, plaster and concrete are completely submerged and/or soaked.

When Destruction Comes Knocking:

Now, what happens—when the worst happens? What if you have flooding, leakage, or any kind of moisture related issue that leaves your personal space stricken with water damage?
It depends on what kind of water damage you have. If it turns out to be clean water, consider yourself lucky—but you still need to take action, and fast. Clean water can be removed following IICRC procedures.
Let’s say your faucet breaks, or your toilet tank starts to leak; or maybe your office’s drinking fountain leaks. Clean water, the moment it breaks out, actively tries to contaminate itself as it starts to touch every surface in the surrounding area. Act fast. The damage the water does will escalate into gray water before you know it. Mold will grow in abundance within two to three days. That means having the phone number of a great and trustworthy company like Dan Dan Restoration of Orlando on hand is a really good idea.

Gray Water and Black Water – The Next Level of Danger:

Gray Water and Black Water have come into contact with chemicals and contaminants that bring along disease spreading bacteria and fungi—and in some cases, fecal matter and sewage. These kinds of extreme situations are left to the professionals like Dan Dan Restoration exclusively. Sewage is incredibly dangerous once it enters a home or commercial space.
The key principles that you need to follow – the moment you call Dan Dan Restoration – are as follows:
If you don’t have updated vaccinations for sewage, which 99% of the time you won’t, you need to be aware that disease causing pathogens, from fungi to parasites, are seeping into every square inch of your personal space that is affected by sewage-contaminated water damage.
If you have any elderly persons living with you, they need to be removed from the premises immediately. The same goes for newborn children, those recovering from surgery, people taking prescription drugs, people undergoing chemotherapy treatments, people in special care, or AIDS victims. Anyone with a reduced immune system can have their life put at extreme risk by the presence of sewage.
After safely removing any persons from the above conditions, you, too, need to get out fast. Highly absorbent materials like carpet, upholstery, wicker, bedding, padding, paper and fabrics are all incredibly susceptible to sewage. All of these objects are rarely ever in areas that can be completely quarantined off. That means that airflow is going to make those disgusting and life-threatening fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites airborne.

Time to Go:

When it comes to Black water and sewage, you are likely going to have to say goodbye too many of the items that have been contaminated. You need to trust experts like Dan Dan Restoration of Orlando to take care of these disposals, including sewage saturated drywall, and other structural materials. In the end, it is far better to say goodbye to these things then it is to say goodbye to your health. Professionals like Dan Dan restoration of Orlando can save what is possible to be saved, and safely remove and discard that which is not salvageable.
Once Blackwater and sewage has been removed, a clearance testing can be performed to ensure that your personal space is safe to inhabit, once again.

Time For Structural Drying:

There’s still good news in all this, however, for people of Orlando. Dan Dan Restoration has been helping residents all over the area recover from health and life-threatening, and property-decaying water damage, and damage caused by all four classes—through the power of mitigation, drying, remediation, and restoration.
Dan Dan Restoration has a wealth of experience in the removal of water and the correction of water damage, utilizing the best in mitigation, drying, remediation, and restoration processes.
Reversing and stopping environmental damage is achieved through specifically implemented professional procedures, techniques and equipment.
These, “in-place” drying systems have been common for decades and water damage correction technology has improved so much that companies like Dan Dan Restoration can fast-track the restoration of all structural materials that have been contaminated by water of all classes and categories with precision and absolute expertise.
Trusting a professional company is a must. Dealing with water damage is not something you can do on your own, and trying to will not save you money, whatsoever. Instead, wasting time and trying to do things yourself may only spread the damage and escalate your costs. Dan Dan Restoration of Orlando has the knowledge and expertise to return your personal space back to the way it was before that first drop of water hit.

Here’s a little ditty:

It comes from below and often time from above. We try to control it. We want it near but only in the right measure. We house it under pressure and direct it so as to have it at our beckoning. When it escapes it’s natural and tubular constraints, it can certainly cause a day of reckoning

Flowing where it will,
wetting our homes and giving us an emotional chill
When this happens, it can’t be remedied with a pill
And though it will ultimately end with a bill,
there are heroes that can remediate and fulfill.
Again, the water contained!
you can move on in control…and for a moment, have nothing for which to complain.
So just pop a bottle of Champaign
and should it ever happen again.
Call Dan Dan Restoration
Because Water damage is no game.

If you’re in Orlando, Hire Dan Dan Restoration to handle your water damage needs, and everything will be made just right – in no time.






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