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Why Price & Wet Carpets Don’t Matter – Dan Dan Restoration
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Why Price & Wet Carpets Don’t Matter

10 years deep into my carpet clean career I decided to dive into my training to be certified in water extraction and structure drying. I love swimming through the scientific procedures and protocol knowing that I am fully qualified to serve people well. I was confident in my technique and I knew I would please my customers while satisfying even the most scrutinizing insurance adjuster.
In training, they warned us about the dangers of not being paid by the insurance companies if one was to wade through the shallows, near the edge of the stream of what is proper procedure and that which is not.
Dan Dan restoration of Orlando not only adheres to and documents (using psychometry), proper procedures during a water damage project, but we do it in a way that shows our dedication, care, and love for the people that we’re doing it for and their homes.
Dan Dan restoration of Orlando is the kind of water damage company you deserve.
If your water loss will be an insurance claim, your insurance company along with industry standards, will dictate how much a water restoration job will cost. Within a tight perimeter, a water restoration company cannot over charge or under deliver. The Adjusters and the insurance companies will make sure of that. Restoration companies are held to a strict protocol defined by governing entity called the IICRC. The IICRC has determine how much drying power is needed within specific parameters. It has been predetermined how much equipment is to be used and for how long, in specific square footages, in buildings with specific cubic areas. If these parameters are used, and they are required to be used if payments are to be made, then a customer cannot be left with a bad trying job. Since service protocol is so specific, overcharging cannot occur. The adjusters and the insurance companies see to that.
If serving a cash-paying or self-paying customer, restoration companies typically give a significant discount from what is considered customary and fair, so shopping for the best price if you have water in your home or building is a moot point.

So what does matter?

What matters is who will be in your home. Will they take time to correctly communicate with you all the details of your particular circumstance? Are they primarily working for the insurance company or do they, with loyalty to you, consider you there paying customer. Where does their dedication lye? Are they there to be of service and do they love what they do and the people they do it for? Like Dan Dan restoration of Orlando, the company you hire should have a service history of many years. Their service technicians should be screened, vetted, and uniformed. They should be trained according the IICRC standards or IICRC certified. All this for your Safety and Security.
Dan Dan Restoration of Orlando employs and assigns experts who are pleasant, kind, professional, well-trained, communicative, and they care about you and your home.

Why wet carpets don’t matter

One standing ankles deep in flood or leaked water or one seeing water extruding from their ceiling may just want help from the first emergency water extraction company in Orlando that can be found.
The thought maybe to have carpets extracted and leave it at that. Perhaps a carpet cleaning? They extract while they clean don’t they?
The goal is to dry your home so you can get back to life, knowing that this water incident won’t circle back around to cause you trouble (big trouble) in the future.
Extracting is the first step but it’s imperative to dry the wood in your walls and all materials in your home. In many structural situations one of the most difficult areas to dry is the lower part of the wall where it meets the floor. We find that once the walls are sufficiently dried, inside and out, the carpets have long-since been dried.

Here’s a typical scenario:

Water is in a home and Dan Dan Restoration of Orlando comes to the rescue. Our team shows up, gets some paperwork completed and the process has begun.

Extraction of the carpets and any standing water occurs.
Mitigation: Contents, meaning furnishings, boxes, personal items, and all other contents, are to be removed or set up on blocks and moved from place to place as the drying process progresses.
Extreme extraction performed to extract water from carpet padding or the removal of the carpet padding ensues
Wall testing for moisture content is performed.
Baseboards are removed and three quarter inch holes are made in the walls, where the baseboards were, every twelve to twenty-four inches.
Air movers are set according to IICRC guidelines using devices used to create a general drying environment. In many structural situations one of the most difficult areas to dry is the lower part of the wall where it meets the floor. The water damage technician should place one blower or air mover for each 10-16 linear feet of wall with the air outlets facing the same direction. The air mover should be almost touching the wall with air outlet at the wall, at a 15 to 45 degree angle, depending upon whether axial or centrifugal air moving devices are utilized.
Dehumidifiers are set. Dehumidifiers work to super-dry the air to make it thirsty so the moisture in the materials transfer to the air being moved around by the blowers. The blowers help move the moisture out of the materials and into the air as the dehumidifiers help remove the moisture from the air.
Evaluation: After the drying has been verified as successful, then remediation, restoration and cleaning, can occur. At the completion of those procedures the property is as good or better than it was before the incident.

Definitions and terms

Mitigation: Performing appropriate services to protect and preserve the property from a water intrusion event.
Drying: Steps are taken to remove moisture in water from the building taking the moisture level to an acceptable pre-water event condition. Measurements of moisture are taken in unaffected areas of the interior of the building, and of the exterior environment, as well as the affected areas, plus another reading of the exhaust of the dehumidifier device to determine the baseline of acceptable humidity levels. This practice, along with properly recording the readings, is called psychometry.
Evaluation: When drying services are completed the property is evaluated to determine if restoration and cleaning services are required. A scope of repairs is developed, approve, funded, and restoration services scheduled.
Remediation: Should it be determined that a pollutant is present, a remediation scope is prepared, approve, funded, and scheduled.
Restoration and cleaning: Work to be performed restoring the property to a pre-event condition. Water- event scoping utilizes the Xactimate software format typically. This allows for all of affected materials to be returned to a pre-loss condition verified by visual and instrument inspection and confirmations.


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