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A Water-Soaked Home on a Dark Humid Night – Water Damage Case Study – Dan Dan Restoration
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A Water-Soaked Home on a Dark Humid Night – Water Damage Case Study

It was long around 11 p.m. Dark humid air gripped everything that wasn’t in the protective confines of a conditioned space. The call came in. They needed my help. At 11:35 PM, after piercing through enough misty fog along the dark roads, I pulled up to the house. She was waiting.

When I entered, I saw the evil-wet letting loose from its captive constraint seeping into all that it could, causing swelling damage by the second. The source of the intruding water had been stopped but the water continued to spread where it wasn’t welcome. Water was still more than dripping down over a ledge from the second floor onto the first and down each stair on the staircase as well. I knew this meant that the ceilings in the high areas of some walls would need my drying expertise in addition to the every-time present need to address floors and lower walls. I knew the moisture was nourishing what had been lying dormant, bringing it to life, spores, bacteria, and the like, so to make them flourish.

I knew without me to stop it; now vibrant microbes would take root in all soft material and a top all hard places.
Even the air would fill with freed radical components, spreading like cancer, throughout the air, ceilings, floors, and everything within the walls of this family’s home. So, I set off to do what I know well. To contain, reduce, and eventually eliminate the evil-doing water and moisture. Every case can vary so it takes a professional detective like myself to assess each instance and set forth a battle plan. I did just that. Starting with the typical interview of the dwellers and the sleuthing of the physical evidence. Then the gun fight began.

Extraction first, the water evident removed. Being freshwater as it was, I determined it to be from a clean water source rather than being grey or black water intrusion. The contents of the home were properly removed or blocked to be made safe and free from the water. Sometimes pad under the carpet can be dried and in some cases not. In this case, we extracted the water lifted the carpet, removed the pad, and placed upon the carpet another extraction.
Then went the baseboards to ensure that the festering blackness wouldn’t pursue in the walls. No, not on my watch! We then enabled the affected walls to breathe with quarter-inch holes where once were the baseboards. I set blowers, fans, air movers, whichever term pleases you most.

We super-dried the air with dehumidifiers then shared that air with all the dark and lit spaces using those aforementioned blowers.
I find that once I can make dry the two by four that runs in the wall along the floor, then all things in that room (evidenced to only my high-tech devices and not by naked flesh and eye) is then dry. Using tools of the trade we can verify that all material and air is dry… dry, meaning as dry as a non-flooded home should be.

The goal is always to accomplish this within 72 hours, often it takes more. An exact science there is, to establish that proper drying has occurred. There is proper documentation to be perform so proof of enough, but not too much, drying service was administered. This practice of proper documentation is called psychometry. This practice establishes to all that lay eyes on it and understands the reading of it, that no job was left wet and as well no job was given too much service. This creates a scenario that no one gets overcharged or underserved. Once all components of the structures dry, the first part of the project is complete. Separately bid and separately performed is the task of reconstructing all that was undone by water and corrective drying and remediation.

When it was all said and done, I was their hero. I was the one who came in on that disastrous night and remedied their problem of water intrusion. When the process was complete we had gone through mitigation, drying, evaluation, remediation, and then moved on and finished the project with a restoration and cleaning. The family was only out their deductible and I negotiated with the insurance company for payment of all other fees, right down to the fresh paint and flooring that was installed.

I have not been above being called the bearer of disastrous news, a hero, and one who helps recover from wet and bad things. This is my job. I do it because I’m good at it. I do it for the pride of doing it right and proper. I Do It for the Love of people, knowing I can meet them in their time of need and pain and help them to make things right again.
After all, I’m Dan Dan the Restoration Man….If I can’t dry it, no one can!
Dan Dan Restoration, Orlando Fl.


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