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Dan Dan Restoration is your trusted solution for the treatment of water and fire damage. We know how devastating fire and water damage to personal property can be to a homeowner. Our team is committed to safely restoring the condition of your home as quickly as we can. Our staff is ready to take your call about your need for fire or water damage restoration 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our technicians will determine the level of damage to your home and we will provide an individual cleanup plan based upon the extent of your damage. We will initiate cleanup promptly to prevent the development of new mold spores and take the necessary measures to remove existing mold from your home.

Contact your insurance company and Dan Dan Restoration immediately.

It is crucial that an evaluation of fire or water damage occurs as quickly as possible. Failure to seek professional help quickly could result in the growth of mold or long term damage to your house and personal property. Our technicians are trained to respond promptly to emergencies and will arrive ready to immediately assess the damage to your home. In addition to evaluating your home itself, we will assess the level of damage to your personal property. We will provide guidance regarding the items that should be discarded and initiate the deodorization process to neutralize smoky odors or the pungent smell of mold.

We will help you minimize long term damage with our expert guidance.

Before our trained technicians set foot in the door of a damaged home, we will advise you to refrain from using your appliances, electronics and other possessions until they have been examined by our team. Failure to heed these important warnings could result in electrocution or other injury. We also advise customers to resist the temptation to begin removing water or wiping down soot-covered walls and surfaces before our technicians arrive.

Dan Dan Restoration has the tools and expertise to restore your home.

Our team uses a special set of tools designed to effectively remove soot and water from your home. For example, we will determine whether a simple water extractor is sufficient for water removal or if a more sophisticated system is required. We will also evaluate your home for the presence of mold, which can begin to develop within 24-48 hours of water damage. Dan Dan Restoration will identify the root cause of mold growth and will employ the special tools to effectively remove harmful mold from your property.

Our top priority is to help you resume your normal life as fast as possible.

Resuming normalcy in your life begins with our restoration of your home and your possessions. Our team of experienced professionals will work efficiently and thoroughly to ensure that your home is safe and comfortable again. It is important for you to contact us immediately to increase our chances of minimizing damage to your property. Dan Dan Restoration is available 24/7 to respond to your call and address your water or fire damage professionally and promptly.

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