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As a premier water damage restoration company, Dan Dan Restoration’s goal is to bring you the best service possible, regardless of the damage.
No job is too big or too small for us!

Commercial Restoration Services to give you peace of mind and allow you to get back to what you do best.

Dan Dan Restoration provides Residential Water Damage Restoration Services to return to your home to normal.

At Dan Dan Restoration, we want to help you with your flood removal and give you back your home.


When you have orlando water damage, if you do not act quickly to restore it, then there’s a very high probability that you’ll get mold. Visible mold growth can mean a wide range of health risks for you and your loved ones. Each time you’re exposed to mold, mildew or bacteria, you’re more likely to contract respiratory illnesses and have a hard time breathing. If left unresolved, you’ll also see structural damage to your property very quickly. Orlando water damage affects multiple surfaces and can deteriorate most of them very easily; wood, tile, drywall, and carpet will show orlando water damage in mere minutes, and after a few hours will need specialized repairs in order to have a chance to return to normal. Air quality, furnishings, and upholstery are affected and reduce in quality over time, so it’s important to address the issue as quickly as possible. Protecting the sub-flooring becomes increasingly difficult if the area isn’t dried and treated soon after the orlando water damage is noticed. Depending on the type of sub-flooring, the padding may have to be removed, and in other cases the flooring may need to be replaced altogether.

Orlando water damage is a very destructive force, and must be attended to as quickly as possible. Our orlando water damage technicians can be out to you at a moment’s notice, and they will address any problems they encounter. Our orlando water damage team knows exactly what to look for to ensure that not only is the water problem resolved, but that there are no lingering problems like mold. Contact us in your orlando water damage emergency.


Dan Dan Restoration has been helping clients restore their homes or businesses back original appearance and function with emergency restoration services. We have orlando water damage restoration services that are available for all properties at a moments notice. In an emergency you want someone there quickly, and we accomplish that need as well as offering exceptional quality that ensures the job is done correctly the first time around. Our orlando water damage team also performs expert carpet restoration services that include extraction of water, drying, and ultimately treatment.


    • Ensure all water devices are in top working condition.
    • Know the signs to indicate you have water damage.
    • Control humidity levels in the home.
    • Use expensive carpet padding capable of withstanding humidity.
    • Avoid allowing standing water to accumulate for over a day.


Not all orlando water damage is the same! Each type of orlando water damage that can flood your home brings unique challenges, and some of them are significantly more dangerous than others. Gray water is typically found coming from dishwashers or washing machines. While it’s already tainted, if left alone and not removed quickly, it can turn into black water. Black water contains pathogenic toxins that multiply. Mold and other health hazards are very common with black water. If caught and treated within 48 hours, there’s a good chance to save your flooring.


One of the most damaging factors to a home is its humidity levels. Humidity allows for excessive mold growth because it creates an environment where it can thrive. Always make sure that the humidity levels in your home are properly leveled. Orlando water damage that isn’t restored quickly and well is particularly vulnerable to mold growth. If the orlando water damage is concentrated in an area of the home that has no exposure to sunlight like a guest bathroom, rapid mold growth is inevitable. Mold growth is also a risk whenever there is water trapped in the flooring. Always have your mold levels checked to know if you’re in danger of potential health issues.


Here are a few of many projects that Dan Dan Restoration has worked on for our customers.
We provide a professional service which aids you in bringing your home and/or business back to normal after a flood.

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